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The Cult of Squee
jacks back 
18th-May-2007 03:49 pm
so after no who last week (silly eurovision!) tis back tomorrow (yay!)
captain jack harkness is in it (which i personally yay alot) so hopefully we will find out what happened leading on from the end of torchwood series 1

thats pretty much it from me

goodbye my beautiful people!
18th-May-2007 03:14 pm (UTC)
Umm- according to the IMDb, tv.com and the Doctor Who Information network, Captain Jack isn't back until the third last ep of the season, "Utopia." So we have a few more weeks to wait. The trailer at the end of the last new ep that aired wasn't just for this week's, it was for the remainder of the season.

Not to rain on the parade or anything, but sadly we have a bit more of a wait for sexy sexy Jack... :(
18th-May-2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
oh that is so mean!!! thanks for tellin me though.i would have been so angry if id watched the whole thing and he'd not been in it.

love ur picture - that was a good show!
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